Ole Edvard Antonsen

Tremendous Concert Successes

TREMENDOUS SUCCESS for Ole Edvard Antonsen with the London Symphony Orchestra at London's Barbican!

The Norwegian star trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen played last week perhaps "the most difficult and complex trumpet concerto ever " - "Epiclesis ", written by the contemporary Scottish composer James MacMillan, with both Århus Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra. This 25-minute work is regarded as one of the most difficult one trumpeteter can play, both physically and musically.

James MacMillan is regarded as one of the most important living New Music composers, and in celebrating his 50th birthday theLondon Symphony Orchestra featured him and then invited Ole Edvard specifically to perform this piece.

Ole Edvard Antonsen played "Epiclesis" with such musicality and seemingly effortless virtuosity that both the public and the press were blown out of there seats!

Some reviews:

THE TIMES (London) - "Ole Edvard Antonsen, Norway's trumpet god, played his instrument with such passion and heat that I'm surprised that neither of them melted"

THE CLASSICAL MUSIC SOURCE - "No doubts though as to Ole Edvard Antonsen's remarkable performance, his impeccable virtuosity and luminous tone"

JYLLANDSPOSTEN - Antonsen was able to deliver this highly dramatic music beautifully ... the audience wouldn't let Ole Edvard Antonsen off the stage