Ole Edvard Antonsen

Ole Edvard Antonsen plays Tomasi in Oslo!

On January 27 and 28 Ole Edvard Antonsen was soloist with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and their new chief conductor Jukka Pekka Sarasate (from 2006). He played Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto for 2 sold out houses, rising cheers, and fantastic critics.

Two national news papers wrote:

OEAandCL04.11.04_10Vårt Land 01.29.2005
By: Hjalmar Kjelsvik (Translation Vera Hørven)
"With amusing sidelong glances to both jazz and film music, Tomasi created a hit with the audience with his trumpet concerto in 1948. Ole Edvard Antonsen performed the relatively short concerto with each and all of the outstanding qualities which since long have moved him to the upper level of the trumpet heavens. Completely free from the  instrument itself he focuses solely on the music, and sprinkles  sounds, tone vaults, yes, simply music that exceeds everything we  mortals in our miserable limitation believe to be possible. The "wizard" from Hamar possesses virtuosity so superior that we fully understand all those who have wanted to write concertos for him. Tomasi should have heard this!"

Aftenposten 01.28.2005
By: Idar Karevold (Translation Vera Hørven)
The trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen was soloist in Henri Tomasi's Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra. The French composer challenges with elaborate musical solutions. Antonsen's interpretation provided an elegant, holistic experience. He mastered the contrasts which are extremely demanding with impressive precision while he simultaneously revealed sensitivity for the musical details that gave life and motion to the phrases. The performance was thus given a personal touch. The orchestra and Sarasate were good fellow musicians, and accompanied him watchfully.

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